Data Management and Information System

Department of Data Management, Information and Communication Technology (DMICT) at the Amani Medical Research Centre contributes to the vision of National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) through provision of high-quality research data and ICT technical support. It provides technical support to research scientists on the following aspects; development of statistical methods for clinical trials and observational studies, development of comprehensive statistical analysis framework, data storage and security, support the development and maintenance of all ICT systems. Currently, department has four staff, Biostatistician and Data manager, Data clerk, IT personnel and Archivist. The department is also working closely with Laboratory sciences department to ensure data generated in laboratories are timely processed and channeled to the respective research scientists for report writing. Department provides a single point of contact at Amani Medical Research Centre and research community at large in statistical methodology for clinical trials and observational studies, computational biology, data analysis framework, statistical programming, guidance on methodological issues such as design and analysis of clinical trial data, longitudinal data analysis and computationally-intensive methods. Also, department is tasked to ensure there is a well-functioning information technology and communication systems to facilitate the documentation and dissemination of health research information and translation to policy and practice. The department aims to provide high quality health research data and deliver evidence based information that is responsive to the needs of human well being, and provide short-term practical training to the health research community